casketThe subject I am delving into day is one that contains several hot-buttons. I am sure to push several people’s buttons with this blog.

In the last two weeks Mississippi has had two small children die due to being left in hot cars. Shania Cardine, 8 months old succumbed to heat exhaustion last week in Grenada, MS when her father, Joshua Blunt, left her in a car while at his place of employment. Joshua says he forgot Shania was in the car. Two weeks ago Caroline Bryant, 2 years of age, died from the results of being left in a hot car by her mother, Amy Bryant. Amy thought she had dropped her daughter off at daycare before she went to work. Here is a news report of Joshua Blunt and Shania. Here is a news report on Amy Bryant and Caroline. I want to share a few of my thoughts on these tragedies.


In the days following the first tragedy I read many people on social media lampoon parents who would leave a child in a hot car by accident. I understand such a mistake will leave one scratching their head. However, there are on average 37 deaths a year due to leaving a child in a hot car. That is about one every 9.5 days. This is a common occurrence.

When I was a pastor at Corinth Baptist in Magee, MS, I went to play golf in my hometown about 60 or so miles away. I made that trip to my hometown golf course several times each month. On this particular day I carried my son, Micah, who was less than a year old to drop off at my mother’s house so she could visit with her grandson. I strapped Micah into the car seat and began my hour-long trip. He dozed off immediately. When I reached highway 589 I began to turn left to go to the golf course when Micah moaned. He had been asleep for an hour and I hadn’t checked on him in several minutes. Terror gripped my soul as I thought about what could have happened if Micah hadn’t moaned. Would I have forgotten him while I played golf? Would I have seen him when I got out of the truck? I shudder to think about what might have happened. It was the middle of the Summer in South Mississippi; he would have perished quickly. People, it happens, it can happen to anyone.

I read a great tip last year, one mother takes her shoe off and puts beside her baby’s car seat every morning when they load up. This way she will always have a reminder her most precious cargo is riding in the back.


Let’s be real for a moment, every one of us who are honest live with some level of guilt. We have all said an unkind word, done something that does not honor Christ or failed to do things we should have. Did you show enough love to your parents before they died?  In spite of all I just said, I doubt any of us feel the guilt these parents must be feeling. Their grief is filled with responsibility. Can you imagine the strain on marriages and relationships?

Psalm 103:13-14 says, “As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him. For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.” Our Heavenly Father can provide what these wounded souls need if they will call on Him. Pray for them. Pray for them. Pray for them.


As I write this Joshua Blunt is being charged with a crime while Amy Bryant is not being charged. To complicate this matter more I live in Mississippi and Blunt is black and Bryant in white. I live between the two communities of Grenada and Madison. Grenada has a larger black racial composition than Madison. I despise how the race card is always pulled out in any situation, especially concerning the South. The South of today is not the one of yesteryear and deserves to be applauded for gains that have been made in race relations. However, I have a hard time seeing a difference in these two cases, unless there is more to the cases than we are hearing. Blunt’s attorney, Carlos Moore, said the only reason Joshua Blunt is being prosecuted is because he is black. I am trying to work through my thoughts on prosecuting such cases. Is Amy Bryant being treated differently because she is white? Is Amy Bryant getting special consideration because she is a woman? I cannot convince myself that both should be prosecuted. I am certain that if a white woman and a black man do the same thing it makes no sense for one to be prosecuted and the other not be charged. Mississippi is a great place to live and raise children. I challenge everyone to mourn with Joshua Blunt and Amy Bryant who are both created in the image of God and both are brokenhearted. We should come together to honor Shania and Caroline, not divide into sides.


    1. Debbie, thank you for the encouraging words. I love you too and think of Corinth all the time. It was a special time for Cheryl and me.

  1. Oh Lord, have mercy on these families. My heart breaks for them. We all have made devistating decisions. Most suffer the consequences in private. How terrible to be judged in public for a tragic accident. May God rescue them both from prosecution and heal their wounds.

  2. Great thoughts, Bro. Dean. It can happen to anyone. We should be mourning with and praying for the families of these babies who are having to live with this pain for the rest of their lives.

  3. Amen. I understand . Both cases should be the same. Color is color of skin. We all make mistake. Theses babies…… father take these soul into peace and heal their parent of mend of heartbreak. Amen

  4. Maybe different circumstances apply here?
    God be with each mother as I know their hearts are heavy! God bless and keep each of them. To loose a child has to be the HARDEST thing to EVER happen to a women. To loose a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a family member in general could never compare to loosing a child you bore.
    Please parents take your left shoe off put it next to your child’s carseat. !!!!

    1. Jenn, there may be different circumstances in the cases and we have not heard of them. I am always give police and prosecuting attorneys the benefit of the doubt. Thank you for replying.

  5. My children are all grown and my grandchildren are teenagersandbluve in another state. I’m sorry to disagree and it doesn’t mean I condemn these two people, but I think about where my kids are 24/7. What in Gods name could distract a parent so much as to not think of where their child is at all times? Especially a vulnerable baby? Just can’t understand. I am sure that for the rest of their lives every moment Of everyday will be filled with thoughts of that child. What a painful thing to endure. So sorry for everyone connected to these tragedies.

    1. Pat, thank you for replying. There is no need to apologize for disagreeing with me. You are not the only person who can’t understand how a parent could forget their child. You did not come across as condemning the parents involved.

  6. Feelings? And I am not a racist so I will throw a mother with a dead child under the bus even though I don’t know the circumstances. Just to prove it.

    1. Green, I am not sure what article you are interacting with but I attempted to offer compassion on both parents who made terrible mistakes. I said anyone could make this mistake. I asked for everyone to pray for the families and mourn with them. I said I cannot convince myself these parents should be prosecuted. Of the 8,000 people who have read the post so far you and a guy with KKK in his email address have misunderstood what I attempted to say.

      As for as proving anything by my writing, nothing could be further from the truth. I hope to encourage people, share the truth of God’s Word and make people smile.

    2. Green, I know the mother of CAROLINE, the child that died in Madison. I know that she is an incredible mother who loves her children and loves Jesus with all her heart. I can assure you that she is beating herself up every minute of the day. She will live with this tragedy for the rest of her life. Your opinion is nothing compared to her guilt. I pray that she will be able to forgive herself, because Jesus has already forgiven her. I hope you never make a mistake because there are others like you that feel better about themselves when they throw others under the bus.

      1. Skeeter, I believe “Green” feels I threw the mother of Caroline under the bus. He feels I was trying to show I am not a racist and in doing so I threw Amy under the bus. His assumptions are wrong. If I could go back in time I would change point three to read, “If one was not charged neither should be charged.” My intention was to show I feel Joshua Blunt nor Amy Bryant probably should not be charged with a crime. I could have written the last point clearer. If you do speak to Amy please share my condolences and my apologies if the third point was not clear.

  7. It says in The Bible that you should not judge a book by it’s cover so to speak so yes therefore I do think that if one is going to be prosecuted for leaving his child in the car with the windows up and forgot about it then the other one should be Prosecuted not just one that is a racial matter and it is not be allowed in court you should not show racism towards the other person it’s tragic what happened to the babies and I pray for their families every day but both have both of them babies deserve justice they didn’t ask to be brought into this world God put them in this world and maybe God has a plan for him but I know that them babies deserve justice they didn’t ask to be put in a hot car with the windows up all day it just happened that way parents pay attention to your children when you get out of the car make sure make sure you you don’t have her in there you got it you’re getting her out make sure you don’t leave her in there for him in there because losing a child is the worst thing you could ever possibly go through I’ve been through it I know it’s not something I would wish on anybody so parents pay attention to your kids pay attention to your children and God bless you

  8. I agree with your post. It’s a horrible mistake equally. I pray God wraps his arms around the family’s and helps them through this time of grief. RIP little angels.

  9. I agree with you both families are in need our prayers… The color of someone’s skin should have nothing to do with the treatment of the parents.. My heart goes out to both families… Each parent will have enough problems forgiving themself… People need to wake up any of us could have been in that situation… God Bless them

  10. I agree with you both families are in need our prayers… The color of someone’s skin should have nothing to do with the treatment of the parents.. My heart goes out to both families… Each parent will have enough problems forgiving themself… People need to wake up any of us could have been in that situation… God Bless them

  11. @revdean. Thank you so much for your article. I know a lot of people that don’t understand how this could happen. But it does. In today’s world we are bombarded with so much its overload on a parent. My daughters are both grown but there were times when they were tiny that I did forget they were in the house and I was in a rush to get a bill paid or some kind of an emergency arose and I would head out the door only to come to a sudden stop over seeing their toys and realizing they were with me and not at preschool or daycare. Even today. …I can be going to one place and as I am driving I start listening to something on the radio or running over a speech I’ve got give…..and I completely go a different direction or drive to the some place that I Didnt intend to at that time. Point I am trying to make is both of these parents will live with this the rest of their lives. And they should be treated the same. It was not premeditated. And race or gender should not be a factor

  12. Although, I do believe it is possible to do this, I have raised or helped raise 2 grown men and am currently helping raise a 4 year old grand daughter. I have serious memory problems and forget important things offten. But never once in 30 years have I forgotten where my baby was. That said, I cannot begin to imagine the pain these 2 families are feeling. I believe that they are either both guilty or both should be left alone. One did no worse than the other!!

  13. Totally agree. Amy is a family member, and I saw the picture of Joshua with his daughter. Nothing on Earth could convince me either parent would have ever done this purposefully. I pray for healing for both families and compassion for them from others. It is a horrible thing to lose a child in any case. I can’t even imagine pain and guilt they will carry for the rest of their lives knowing it was their error that caused the deaths of their beloved children. I don’t think anyone could bring them more pain than that, nor is it right they should. Pray for them, be kind and merciful. We are all fallible and capable of such terrible lapses in judgment. And, if you have children, take your shoes off and put them in the back seat so you won’t find yourself ever going through this.

    1. Bobbie, thank you for responding. I pray God will comfort both Amy and Joshua. II Samuel 12:23 is a Bible verse that offers proof that Christian parents will see their children who die in infancy again.

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