Bruce Jenner  set a world record in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics and was considered the world's greatest athlete.
Bruce Jenner set a world record in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics and was considered the world’s greatest athlete.

I have read a fair amount of material over the last week on Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner and his transformation from man to woman.  One cannot help but see the pictures of the Vanity Fair cover. The reaction from the Christian community has covered the spectrum. There are those who are quick to condemn anyone they can with the harshest tone. My main problem with this crowd is they seem to be way too happy God is going to judge the wicked. It is with glee they pronounce Jenner is the Antichrist and on his way to the fiery lake. In Romans 9:3 Paul teaches he would be cut off from Christ if it meant salvation for his fellow Jews. We shouldn’t take delight in anyone’s eternal damnation.

On the other end of the spectrum there is a large group of Christians that are trying to figure out how to minister to the LGBT community with the truth without being offensive. This group is in danger of being too tolerant.  I read one blog last week where it was discussed if Jenner should be called a woman or man, he or she. Many writers encourage us as believers to be kinder and more tender toward the LGBT community in order to share the truth with them in love. I Corinthians 13:1 says, “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.” No debating the fact that whatever we say must be spoken in love. A few articles spoke of how Jenner desiring to be a woman would be offended if one were to refer to Jenner as “him.” Let that sink in, church leaders calling a person created a man a woman because of gender bending in order not to be offensive. 

Let’s consider the psyche of the LGBT community in America for a moment. To begin with, they are now as mainstream as anyone in America. Open homosexuals have been a part of the NBA and NFL. There are hundreds of openly gay entertainers today in America. They can adopt. They are in the Boy Scouts. They are in the military. There are gay fraternities and sororities in some universities. We have homosexual governmental leaders, news anchors and they permeate every form of media. In the Church in America we see homosexual clergy, singers and authors and after this June their marriages will be recognized across the United States of America. The only way the LGBT community could be made anymore welcome in America would be for the church to say God is wrong, sodomy is normal and we apologize for our centuries of sins against homosexuals. The church is the only holdout in America where homosexuality is not considered normal.

Back to Jenner and him being a her or her being a him or whatever. Many are focusing on his feelings and how to minister to him and people like him. My greater responsibility is to minister to the 40 or so youth that sit under my preaching on Sunday morning. While our kindness must always be visible as followers of Christ we owe it to the next generation to be clear on sin, immorality and demonic activity. Having read a lot encouraging us to be considerate of Jenner I ask has anyone considered how inconsiderate he has been to his children and grandchildren. This MAN has fathered six biological children.  His driver’s license has had “male” stamped on it for 65 years. He married a woman and had two children. He divorced, married another woman and had two more children. He divorced, married a third woman and had two more children. When will someone say Bruce Jenner cares more about himself than his children or grandchildren? For a man who says he felt like a woman he certainly knows how to do the one thing synonymous with manhood. The only way these children and grandchildren cannot be confused is if their minds are as warped as Jenner’s.

Imagine grandparent’s day at the local elementary school where a Jenner grandchild attends.

“Hey everyone, this is my grandmother. He, uh, she used to be my grandfather. She, uh, he was an Olympic gold medal winner for the United States when she was a he. Here is a picture of her when she was a he on the front of a box of Wheaties. My favorite memories of her are when he used to take me to watch the Dolphins play football.”

While this is taking place a pastor somewhere is encouraging folk to call him her and defends her hero status in the name of compassionate Christianity.

Welcome to the new normal.

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