Do You Believe That Nonsense?

I saw Elvis in a Waffle House.

Did you know that every person has a palm print on their left palm that resembles the word gullible? Now that you have looked feverishly for the word in your palm allow me to tell you in loving kindness stop being so gullible. I remember a few years ago that near the check-out counters in every supermarket were tabloid newspapers. The headlines read Martians negotiate with president. Alligator gives birth to a human baby. Every week someone saw Elvis. These were harmless papers that allowed some of us a good laugh. They gave the not so stable thoughts to think for a while.

Something a little more sinister has replaced the tabloid news. It is fake news stories in social media. Dave Miller of SBC Voices penned a good article concerning viral hoaxes. Read Dave Here There are numerous stories going around the internet that are just plain hoaxes. One story says Casey Anthony, the woman acquitted of killing her baby is now pregnant with twins and about to have her own reality show. I recently saw where Drew Brees lost his life in an automobile accident. He looked pretty good throwing the ball Sunday for a dead man. The sinister part is that many  of these stories originate at sites that create fake articles to watch how the conservatives and Christians will react. The stories are created to make us look foolish. They are succeeding when so many of us get all worked up and begin a campaign and have no idea what the truth may be. When we are quick to take up a cause without checking the facts we stand a great chance to damage the work of the King. Allow me to share with you a few tips to consider before you begin your next Facebook campaign.

  • These sites are fake news sites.

The Borowitz Report, Call the Cops, The Onion, Empire News, Carbolic Smoke Ball, Cream BMP Daily, Daily Currant, Free Wood Post, Global Associated News, Huzlers, The Duffel Blog, National Report, Weekly World News.

You may want to avoid passing these sites’ stories on as legitimate. 

  •  Use a little common sense.

Some of these stories are so ridiculous it blows my mind how anyone could believe them. I remember reading how Siberian scientist punched a hole through the earth into hell and people could be heard screaming. Really? We are going to share that as truth?

  • Check out anything you put your name to. is not the Bible and is not always accurate. However, it is a good source to check out a story. If you share information that you later find out was not true you should apologize and remove the information.

  • Don’t be too anxious to believe stories about the other side.

We all have sides. There are Republican and there are Democrats. There are Christians and there are atheists. It is easy to be quick to believe stories about the other side. Christians ought to be better than that. If it is a story that paints a republican in a bad light then you can rest assured MSNBC will cover it. If it is a story that paints a democrat in a bad light then you can rest assured that FOX will cover it. Check with these news organizations to see if they are saying anything about the other side. If we are going to make a statement about someone who opposes our belief system it must be factual.

  • Finally, we should spend way more time sharing how wonderful Jesus is than what is wrong with the world.

I have always said that I want people to know who I am for more than what I am against. I have read the blog post comments where people are making fun of us when we get all worked up over make believe news stories. If we just brag on Jesus they will have little they can ridicule us over.

By the way, Elvis passed me the sugar one night at the Waffle House.



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  1. Bro. Dean, Elvis came by my house on Jan. 3 and took my family out for a great meal, after bringing us back home I thanked him and tried to tell him he had done to much already but he forced me to take the pink Caddy. It drove so go I took it. Let me know if you would like to take it for a spin. I can come most any day. Love all of you. Duck.

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