Can Christians Think For Themselves?

starbucks-cupsjpg-64ad43b291e9a692We Christians now have another war to wage. We have boycotted Levi’s and Lee jean companies. We have boycotted Walt Disney. We have boycotted Target. We have been told not to shop at Home Depot. There has been a call to boycott Apple. To be honest, we have boycotted so many things it’s easy to lose track why the boycott was called and what products are now off-limits.  This latest war is against Starbucks. If you read much at all you are probably familiar with this dust-up. Starbucks has started using their holiday cups to serve their coffee. This year they are using a plain, red cup with their familiar green logo. It seems this is offensive to some Christians because in the past they put Merry Christmas or snowflakes or snow men on their cups.  Joshua Feuerstein somehow has become an internet celebrity with quite a following. He may be the point man in this latest battle. Here is his video:

 I have a few takes about Joshua’s video.
1) He admits to lying. He says, “My name is Merry Christmas.” He then brags, “I tricked you.” I Peter 2:1 says we are to lay aside “guile.” This word means to deceive or mislead someone. It draws the image of baiting a trap to catch someone.
2) He admits to wearing a shirt for the purpose of being offensive to Starbucks. He is offended by the red cup and wants to offend Starbucks in return. Jesus was clear in Matthew 5:44 we are to love our enemies. If a Christian considers Starbucks their enemy then they should love and pray for Starbucks.
3) He says it is against Starbucks’ policy for its employees to say “Merry Christmas.” I made a call today to the company headquarters and spoke to a lady named Alice. She spoke to her superiors and I was given a clear and concise answer that is not their policy and they have nothing close to this as a policy. Either Joshua or Starbucks is not telling the truth. If it is necessary to level an accusation, as believers, we certainly need to make sure it is the truth.
4) Does a grown man really want to wear his hat backwards?
Finally, let me say, you certainly don’t need my blessing to be offended. If you are offended by this red cup then don’t go to Starbucks. However, from my perspective, many believers are offended because they were told to be offended. The cafe’ I eat at the most has plain, white, Styrofoam cups. Maybe I should organize a boycott against Linda’s Downtown Cafe’. Believers need to understand that around the world Christians are losing their lives, their families and their homes because of their faith. Please, please, please stop acting like we are in a war because someone serves us our Latte in a plain, red cup.